Sunday, August 14, 2005

Recent Media

Last Tuesday I watched the Thai martial arts movie Ong-bak. If you like martial arts movie, and can withstand their normal (or lack of) plot structure, as well as handle of range of "I can't believe he just did that!" to "that makes no sense!" then I highly recommend it. The subtitles make it more cognitively demanding than most action flicks, but it is worth it. Solid rental. (There are actually some new moves/stuff in this.)

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of finally watching the movie Awakenings. Wow... what a wonderful film! No wonder it is highly acclaimed. I think everyone should watch this movie because it serves to put one's health in perspective (as well as an affirmation of aspects of the scientific method :P).

I've been reading and recommending this article and other stuff from Mblog.
Additionally, Common Dreams has some good articles; some of the big names have written lately (Zinn, Nader and Klein)

I recently read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and thought it was a great little book. Interesting and informative because the writer takes the perspective of a teenager with autism who is writing a story. Easy read, too.

I also just finished Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer. The work is pseudo-autobiographical as it describes Miller's experiences in Paris in the early 1930s. While I found it worthwhile (to experience an author) and well-written, I prefer more of a narrative and... different content. Meaning, I want to identify with protagonists or respect them for their virtues, not have them continuously visiting whores and feeling unfulfilled.

I'm starting to watch episodes of the old (90s) Superman cartoon show. I'll admit my fanboyosity. :D

I've also been listening the White Stripes new ablum while doing this post. Though I enjoyed some of the songs, it's not really my thing. Alternatively, I just started some YoYo Ma Cello Suites inspired by Bach... ineffably beautiful.


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