Monday, December 29, 2008

Payback by Margaret Atwood

This year Atwood presented the five Massey Lectures, titled Dept: Payback and the Shadow Side of Wealth; Do not expect an investigation into GDP, inflation and derivatives, but a literary, historical and creative assessment of debt. Although I (thought I) did have accurate expectations, I did find it less informative than I’d hoped, especially lecture three which I consider the weakest because it was too much a summary of literature for me and not enough novel content. Alternatively, the fifth and final lecture was the best because it used the Scrooge story to create a parable about the environment (Spirit of Earth Day Past, Present and Future) and that is a current interest.

Although mostly worthwhile and intermittently amusing, I wouldn’t say this is required reading/listening.
Check out lectures 1 (fairness, balance and reciprocity) and 5 and go from there.


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