Friday, January 02, 2009

From Poverty to Power by Oxfam (Duncan Green)

Fantastic! From Poverty to Power is a highly readable, informative and comprehensive introductory assessment of how active citizens and effective states can make the world a better place. Oxfam’s publication covers the main areas of Power and Politics, Poverty and Wealth, Risk and Vulnerability and The International System. In these sections you shall find diverse and interesting content related to poverty, rights, equality, climate change, development aid, global financial institutions, North/South issues, illustrative case studies and inspirational events (this is a non-exhaustive list of course). FP2P provides sufficient detail to gain a decent understanding of the myriad issues in international development, but does not overwhelm as it uses case-studies and presents topics clearly, allowing more interested readers to go beyond a basic introduction and broader their knowledge if they desire. I especially liked Part 5 (The International System) as it contained more topics of interest: World Bank, IMF, cost/benefits of development aid, and especially the comparison of Sachs, Easterly and Collier.

A very useful reference guide that is most suitable for novices, still useful for enthusiasts, but probably not so much for mavens.

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