Friday, February 27, 2009

Is there a philosophical incompatibility between religion and science? - Jerry Coyne & Others

Recently, Jerry Coyne wrote an exellent piece examining whether there is a philosophical incompatibility between science and religion. Although broad ranging, his main focus was about evolutionary theory as he was reviewing two books (one by Karl W. Giberson and one by Kenneth R. Miller) as part of his project.
Subsequently, a Reality Club on the Edge responded to issue. I highly recommend Coyne's piece and the interesting (range of) comments by the authors of the books Coyne reviewed as well as Lawrence Krauss, Howard Gardner, Lisa Randall, Patrick Bateson, Daniel Everett, Daniel C. Dennett, Lee Smolin, Emanuel Derman, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, and Michael Shermer.
This is just great stuff.


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