Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cultural Connectives by Rana Abou Rjeily

Abou Rjeily has produced an engaging work of design and basic Arabic language instruction. The author is trying to present a clear way for Latin alphabet people to understand written Arabic, and adapt to modern technologies and type by presenting a more streamlined and consistent Arabic alphabet.

Given that I have no plans to learn Arabic, you might wonder why I bothered at all. After reading the great review at Brain Pickings (which is far better than the one you are reading) I requested it from the library and a couple days later it was mine to peruse. I found it very easy to go through (the whole book only took about 45 minutes), informative (as I learned a few little facts), and very interesting from an artistic and typographic perspective.

Highly recommend for those interested in design, typography and, of course, learning Arabic.
(but you might want to just get it from the library)


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