Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pyrrhus, we are victorious!

It seems that there may have been many more civilian deaths than previously thought. I abhor this situation and feel sick at the thought of all those innocent people dying.
Is it worth it?
Things are supposedly worse than when Saddam was in charge and there have been so many missteps that someone should be in prison. It is not that just that mistakes have been made, it is that this was a war based on false premises using fear mongering to gain authorization instead of reason and discourse. Bush et al. have used the power of the world’s largest military to undermine and invalidate the very concept of freedom they supposedly are saving. Hypocrisy! Condemnable hypocrisy.
The most grievous insult is the pious self-deception that accompanies those masquerading as saviours. This administration is blinded by unmitigated devotion to their own egos and their supposed ‘faith.’ The reality is that these people are the destroyers of lives, hopes and principles. 100,000 lives? Dammit! People are dying! These people are not worthy to lead. They have no honour.

Like so many others, I am ineffably frustrated when I hear of these things happening. I take solace in the thought of a surreptitious samurai’s sword slicing swiftly through jugulars; karma demonstrating that it actually exists and exists in this lifetime.
Then I breathe… and realize that there should be a better way. Yet, looking at the cost-benefit analysis, maybe some people should be ‘removed’ to save the lives of others. Imagine hearing a plane fly overhead means that bombs are coming. Salvation does not explode upon impact. Maybe we all need the shit kicked out of us just to realize that others have it happen so often?

Non-action can be as bad as an action. Apathy in the face of injustice is not excusable.
We’ve gotta do more.


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