Saturday, January 22, 2005


Earlier today I was injesting some grease at McDonald's and I started to think about how people eat. Of course, I can only speak for myself, but I think other people likely have some preferences about their consumption of food. I alternated between eating the big mac, the fries and imbibing the drink. While I was eating, I thought about what I would prefer to eat when and in which order. As well, I also thought about what I would want to 'end on.' I chose fries and then the drink. Afterwards though, I felt I should have left more drink than I did. It didn't ruin the meal, it just would have been a little better if I just a little more drink left.

I think everyone can relate to the above passage at least at some point in their life. Isn't that absurd!?!? Of course, by 'everyone' I don't actually mean everyone, but the privileged part of the planet that has the luxury of thinking "what flavour do I want to end on."

You know, it's funny because it isn't at all.


Blogger Angie Danger said...

Read Fast Food Nation and you won't have this tough choice anymore (well, at McDonalds at least). Oh, and for the record, I always save the drink. I just thought you'd like to know :)

7:08 PM  

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