Saturday, May 28, 2005

TO update

I'm home! :) It is so nice and it has been so long (almost six months). My flight was wonderful: I saw the reflection of clouds in water for (what I think was) the first time. It was so pretty. I could see the CN tower from many kilometers away, and could still see it when the plane landed.

My Dad picked me up, had some subs, chatted and then home to see my house and hug my mom. I went for a wonderful walk along the lakeshore seeing a gorgeous sky, waves lapping, swans and Ben Affleck filming a movie. How odd. I wanted to be that guy that says, "Affleck! You suck!" but I thought that wouldn't really help the world. What a lucky monkey.

The garden is beautiful, resolving some things with my sister was draining but relieving and seeing my good friend Owen is fantastic. We walked around Queen St. a little. SO many big buildings! I end up seeming like some hick, it amuses me.

Life's pretty good. Movies to watch, friends to see, a birthday to be had and relaxation occurring. I hope everyone else is well.

Oh, and to everyone in Halifax:
a) when I arrived it was sunny and 20 degrees and
b) I haven't been mugged yet. :P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, why are you completely unreachable at 5 in the morning?

Want to come to that art gallery thing I was telling you about?

God, it's beautoful outside. I love Toronto.


6:04 AM  

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