Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Of course they care

(from the Toronto Star, Michael Kunzelman from AP)
Researchers at Harvard University's School of Public Health said they examined more than 7 million documents, from 1969-2000, to probe the tobacco industry's efforts to lure women.

A 1993 report by Phillip Morris that extolled the virtues of making a longer, slimmer cigarette to offer the false promise of a 'healthier' product.

A 1982 report from British-American Tobacco Co. that said women buy cigarettes to help them 'cope with' neuroticism. It said, "We can safely conclude that the strength of cigarettes that are purchased by women is related to their degree of neuroticism."

Companies explored adding appetite suppressants to cigarettes.

Worldwide smoking rates among women are expected to increase 20% by 2025, "driven by the growth of female markets in the developing countries."

Wow, that makes me so frustrated I could light up right now. (kidding!) <.s Twenty year


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