Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Guns, Brains and Stealing distance

1) Small arms fire kills as many as three times more people than previously thought...
Whenever you hear a speech or comment indicating the moral righteousness of a country, try to find out if they sell guns, bombs or military crafts. It is quite fallacious to, say, spread the ideology of peace while simultaneous selling weapons to both parties in a conflict. (as well, do they include the 10,000 in US? Is this just in intercountry conflict?)

2) Brain imaging and moral decisions...
Interesting little article, my only complaint was with the phrase "...suggesting that volunteers were calling in a neurological mediator." can you guess why?

3) Teleportation
Why? Because it is fun to think about even if it's completely implausible in the near future.

Addendum: Go here, under Scotty's greatest hits-Plame, and click on video to see how the Whitehouse feels about hypocrisy. (worth the wait)


Blogger Cosd said...

RE: Teleportation

Not surprsingly, I liked the comments in regards to the UFO connection ("We might expect advanced aliens to be occasionally beaming in to check on our progress as a species")...

2:37 PM  

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