Saturday, July 02, 2005

Oh, Tom...

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV has... well, lost it.

'It' could be a variety of things, but most likely 'it' is the respect and admiration of the public. Yes, it is true that some never respected Tom Cruise, nor will they ever start. But in the realm of Hollywood, Tom is the Golden Boy; who else to defend the very idea of movies after 9/11?

Of course, what it will all come down to money. If War of the Worlds is a hit like his other movies (Mission: Impossible - $180 million, A Few Good Men - $141 million, Rain Man - $172 million, Top Gun - $176 million, Jerry Maguire - $158 million, The Firm - $158 million, Mission: Impossible 2 - $215 million.).

Admittedly, I've always liked Tom as a 'moviestar.' I know the stupidity and deception that defines show business, and hate those things dearly, but at the same time somehow had to give Tom credit for playing the game so well. And then: "...why I didn't believe in psychology."

I was even willing to forgive the Oprah thing ( joke version), and thought he acted appropriately when squirted with water, but when his Scientology starts to attack my science then the end is near. (note the reactions of Oprah's audience.)

I wonder if he and Katie can even see outside of the bubble they are in and see how absurd their existence is becoming (as if it wasn't absurd enough before).

I took the picture from a very amusing description of his Matt Lauer interview.


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A month late... But I finally have something to add! I did some reading up on Scientiology and now I have a post of my own on the subject:
I hope you enjoy reading it, I had fun writing it.

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