Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dawkins on Radio Times

Last week Richard Dawkins was interviewed by Radio Times (American public radio)

An excerpt near the beginning:

RT: [asks about the poll results that I posted here]
Dawkins: ...We do of course have ignorant fools in England as well, but they don't get political power, and I think that is a very important difference.
RT: And you chose that phrase 'ignorant fools' very carefully?
Dawkins: I did.
RT: Is that how you see people who believe in creationism and intelligent design?
Dawkins: Not all of them are fools, but all those who belive in creationism and intelligent design are either ignorant or fools,. It's not a shame to be ignorant, it's no crime to be ignorant, I don't blame people who are ignorant, I'm ignorant of lots of things.... all I'm trying to say is that in order not to believe in evolution you have to be either ignorant or foolish...

(this is great because I just finished reading The Selfish Gene, which I highly recommend despite its age of nearly 30 years)


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