Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The sociocomedic highlight of my day

Setting: Dalhousie Psychology Department, 3rd floor, lounge/waiting area. Approximately noon.
Characters: Stephanie (RA),Splewis (friend, fellow grad student) and Darren (me).
Scene begins: Darren approaches Stephanie and Splewis. They greet and talk. Soon they begin joking around about getting into a fight with each other.

Stephanie: We'd take you down!
Me: Maybe you'd take me out... to dinner.
(All three laugh)
Stephanie: Well, I'm have heels *looks at shoes*, which are technically weapons.
Me: Well, I have guns *flexes arms*, which are technically loaded.
(All three explode with laughter)

Yes, it doesn't work as well reading it as opposed to experiencing it in the moment. And, yes, it is a stupid joke to begin with... but it was Oh So Good. :D
(hell, it's still funny to me now)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just it gets my vote as funny. :)
- JMo

12:45 AM  

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