Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Land of the (less) Free? & US Military

Sedition?!... Did you actually say, "Sedition?"

Picturing a Bill of Rights project.

Oh, and while you're here I might as well mention that the US military budget is about as much as the rest of the world combined and they are developing a new H-bomb project.

"We are on the verge of an exciting time," said Linton Brooks, the nation's top nuclear weapons executive.

I find statements such as those chilling.


Blogger Xander said...

She did call for the forceful removal of the government. There is an abiguous allusion to violence. Sounds like sedition to me. She could have been equally or even more critical of the government while choosing her words more carefully. She could have for example called for the president's impeachment. It may not have been her intention but I think the words of her letter went afoul of what is appropriate. I am within my rights to say, "The Cartoon you wrote offended me so I am not talking to and I am going to attempt to make your life miserable." I am out of bounds when I say, "The cartoon you wrote offended me so I am going to decapitate you and set your body ablaze."

10:53 PM  

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