Thursday, March 30, 2006

Documentaries: Chomsky, Zinn & Dawkins

(you can find them all in the torrent world)
Rebel Without a Pause - Great little doc. A good intro to Chomsky as a person and many of his thoughts, cut into brief segments so the content isn't too dense. At 90 minutes, I would recommend this to those with no Chomsky exposure and would like to have an idea who he is. Go see it.

Manufacturing Consent - Chomsky documentary based on the book by the same name. Almost 3 hours, but worth every minute. It details important happenings in US foreign policy and how national power structures operate. Go see it.

You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train - A biography of and introduction to the life of historian Howard Zinn. Much useful information about human rights movements over the years. The doc also has a wonderful line: If you don't know history, it's like you were born yesterday. Go see it.

The Root of All Evil? - It was okay. I can't highly recommend it because it could have been a lot better. If you have zero exposure to Dawkins, it might give you some perspective, but there are better intros (his book The Selfish Gene). On the other hand, the second part was pretty good. It detailed some interesting interactions/happenings with religious fundamentalists. So, go see the second part.


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