Monday, May 08, 2006

The Horror - Aid workers giving girls food for sex in Liberia

(from CBC) "Girls as young as eight are being forced by local and international agency workers to have sex in exchange for food," states a recent report by Save the Children. "These children were engaging in sex for money for education, for food for the day, or even for something as small as a ride," said Save the Children spokeswoman Emilia Brookstein.

Said World Food Program spokesman Greg Barrow, ""You can rest assured that if any guilt is identified at the end of the day, action will be taken to terminate that relationship immediately and steps will be made to make sure that those people do not find themselves in these positions of power that they can abuse again."

But, I wonder, how exactly to go about minimizing the likelihood of recidivism? Well, as different experiences contribute to understanding, and understanding can lead to empathy and behavioural change, perhaps the perpetrators should be starved until they would 'willingly' trade their anus for food.

It could be called "The Tossed Salad" exchange.


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