Monday, August 28, 2006

Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial?

(from Matthew Good)
"Benjamin Ferenccz, the chief prosecutor of Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg, has commented that both Saddam Hussein and President Bush should be tried for war crimes. Ferenccz rightly points out that Nuremburg established wars of aggression as the most serious of international crimes, and that the UN Charter contains provisions that restrict the use of aggression without the expressed consent of the Security Council."


Blogger Xander said...

The UN was setup to prevent another World War from ever happening. The simplest way of stopping war is condemning any country who starts one, no matter what the justification. Maybe Bush should stand trial and justify his actions but there seems to be a presuposition that if he has to do that then he must have done something wrong. Laws are often based on ideals that do not mesh well with the knitty gritty of the real world: A man who shots another man who is in the act of raping a woman can still be found guilty of murder. I am no fan of Bush but it seems to me that some people need to be splashed with a bucket of cold water before they get too caught up in their own rhetoric.

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