Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Conspiracy Against Africa

This month's Walrus has an illuminating article, written with both breadth and depth, about the history and current problems of the deep quagmire known as Africa. I highly recommend reading The Conspiracy Against Africa by Gerald Caplan.

An excerpt:
If the West were truly serious about helping Africa, it would not use the World Trade Organization as a tool of the richest against the poorest. It would not dump its surplus food and clothing on African countries. It would not force down the price of African commodities sold on the world market. It would not insist on growth without redistribution. It would not tolerate tax havens and the massive tax evasion they facilitate. It would not strip Africa of its non-renewable resources without paying a fair price. It would not continue to drain away Africa’s best brains. It would not charge prohibitive prices for medicines. In a word, it would end the hundred and one ways in which the West quietly ensures that more wealth pours out of Africa each day than the West transfers to Africa.


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