Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getting Mooned on my birthday

I am now legally regarded as having rotated around the Sun 28 times. It was a delightful day and the fact the full moon is visible while I type this does a happy Darren make.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Choices We Make

To navigate through the complexity of our modern world, all of us make a multitude of choices everyday. Once in a while there is a pivotal moment where our life path will change depending on a particular choice, but many decisions aren't that significant. Or so it appears.

What about the decision to spend 10 dollars, would that be significant? Well, what can $10 get you? A ticket to a movie, a meal out at a cheap restaurant, two alcoholic drinks, 3 coffees, 1/2 a book...etc (fill in your own expenditure here). Nearly all of the possibilities listed are transient and unmemorable.
What if there is another option?

What if you bought a insecticide-treated bed net to greatly reduce the transmission of malaria to a child in Africa?

Aids may get more press, but malaria is the leading cause of death of children in Africa. Hundreds of millions of people are infected and millions die every year. Because of the difference in standards of living, a seemingly small amount of money in Canada can have a huge impact elsewhere. For only 10 bucks, you can buy a bed net and likely help save a life. Go BUY a NET. Even better, the Gates' will match your donation. So for your ten dollars you 'get' two nets!

Many times we read about the troubles in the world and feel powerless to help. Well, here is your chance.

This is not abstract, this is not theorectical, this is not a thought experiment.

You can either spend $10 and see a movie or you could buy a bed net to help protect a child from malaria. Was the last movie you saw really worth not protecting a child from malaria? Were those two beers or shots you had in 60 minutes really better than offering some child protection from malaria for 4 YEARS? (While some would say I'm providing a false dichotomy and counter that one could see a movie and buy a net. They are correct, but I'm just illustrating a point. Additionally, even if you did buy a net and then plan to see a movie, the choice is still the same. It will always be the same. What do you prefer?)

These are the choices we make.