Monday, August 20, 2007

A Scientific Life?

A: Sometimes I think life is pretty scientific.
B: What?! Life is scientific?! You mean that which is just a longitudinal case study (N =1) that has a distinct lack of objectivity, poor reliability, continual funding concerns, negative peer review, intermittently useful collaborators, little chance of replication and a terrible attrition rate?
A: Life is bad science then?
B: ...meh, better.


Anonymous dave said...

wow, if i understand this passage correctly i think it's pretty un-darren. but since darren is mostly darren and rarely un-darren, i figure i haven't understood this passage correctly. are you saying that life is better than science or somehow "exceptional", that is its totality is somehow outside the scope of the numeric and quantifiable? or are you saying that life would be so much better if we submitted it to powerful reign of reason and calculation?

9:19 AM  

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