Tuesday, March 10, 2009


First, open this in a new window and come back and read.
Second, in the "mind-blowing-thing-of-the-day" category, while listening to a SciAm podcast I just learned that a nanoscale radio has been created. "A single carbon nanotube tunes in a broadcast signal, amplifies it, converts it to an audio signal and then sends it to an external speaker in a form that the human ear can readily recognize."
This thing could fit inside a cell and, just to underscore, it is invisible to the naked eye. I can't help but think of a satirical SNL skit making fun of shrinking iPods and one of the jokes was then holding up nothing and indicating it was just really small. I think that was only two years ago (and it seems this radio came out 1.5 years ago!). Of course, I'm not saying there are going to truly be iPod Nanos, but it does seem possible.
Further, there are numerous other applications to nanotechnology being used to wirelessly transmit information.
More nanoradio A/V here.
It is a fascinating time to be alive.


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