Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bonk by Mary Roach

A delightful book that was both funny and informative. It is often hard to mix science and humour successfully, let alone for a length of an entire book, but Roach ably delivers with her investigation into the history of sexual research and the science of sex.
Bonk had no main over-arching theme or thesis, just many interesting tales - Sedaris like in wit and style, but with factual content. There are so many fascinating factoids that they are too numerous to mention, but Roach covers orgasms in people and other animals, how our brains function when encountering sexual stimuli, sex toys and apparati that assists those with dysfunction, and usefully examines how what is stimulating physically may not be so mentally and vice-versa.
I highly recommended this 'curious coupling of science and sex.'


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