Wednesday, February 03, 2010

TRC #70 - #74

Here are some of the podcasts that we recorded over the past month.
The Reality Check #70: Trepanation + Conspiracy Skeptic Interview + New Year's Eve Driving Risk
(I did the final segment)
The Reality Check #71: Neurological/Moral Reactions + The G-Spot + Twinkie Shelf-Life
(I did the first segment. I thought this was a good show - we had fun.)
The Reality Check #72: Gamblers Fallacy + Cryonics + Super Freakonomics Review
(Loved the musical intro and I did the book review of SuperFreakonomics)
The Reality Check #73: Quantum Mechanics + Creation Movie Review + Drinking Myth
(I sat like a bump on a log contributing insight and wit :P)
The Reality Check #74: Counterfeiting + Daniel Loxton Interview + Celery Myth
(I did the celery myth)


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