Saturday, July 02, 2011

And Another Thing by Eoin Cofler

For the 30th anniversary of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Eoin Cofler (of Artemis Fowl fame) was commissioned to write a 6th instalment of the trilogy. Given the delightfully, unique zaniness of Adam’s originals and the massive cultural impact of the work it was definitely a tall order to fill.
Does Cofler succeed?
I would say he does, in that the work feels a lot like Adams, and if you have missed the characters and adventures you will be happy to see them once again; Arthur seems like Arthur, Ford Ford and the others act similarly. There are some nice twists and winks and many throwbacks to the prior content. The overall story is decent and perhaps just as probable as any of the others.
It isn’t flawless though, but it isn’t entirely easy to pinpoint just where things go wrong. I felt there were too many “Guide note” asides for one thing. Another might be the Cofler’s book is almost twice as long as most of the original five books, so it is understandable if things felt a bit more drawn out. Finally, it has been years since I read the originals and we know memories are fallible so nostalgia and vague smirks of intellectual happiness might be all that remain and it really isn’t fair to compare something to that.
Do I recommend it? (See your category below)
For fans: yes
For die-hard fans: you’ll probably never be happy so you needn’t bother unless you want to complain about it on a message board.
For the unexposed: go read the originals first.


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