Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gettin' my hate on...

I hate Jennifer Lopez. I really do. I’ve never met her, or talked with her personally, so I should logically reserve judgement. BUT, how she has chosen to lead her life and what she represents disgusts me.

Briefly channel surfing, on MuchMoreMusic they had ‘The Fabulous Life of…” about J.Lo. What I saw depressed and angered me. I am always annoyed and disconcerted by the waste illustrated by this show. Normally, to be fully informed I would have watched the whole thing but I couldn’t take it. I hate that bitch. The main thing is the ostentatious life she leads whilst trying to present the opposite. She employs 4 top-notch stylists for various things. One of these ‘specialists’ actually said, “There are many artists, but only one Picasso. I am the Picasso of eyebrows.” This woman waxes eyebrows. That’s what she does. Gah! Additionally, she cancelled 10s of appointements to fly 3000 miles for Jennifer. WTF?!?! It was implied that this costs over 5 but under 10,000 dollars. For your eyebrows?!? Before her wedding she also paid $15,000 for a haircut. Sigh.

I know she isn’t the only one, but the superficial detritus feeds off itself creating entire communities of narcissists that do not realize how absurd their own lives are.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think J. Lo must actually eat fecal matter to be that full of shit.


Blogger Cosd said...

It's a question of extremes. And it's not her fault.

I think you're trying to say that you hate what she (the show)represents, and not her personally.

9:26 PM  
Blogger That which is called Darren said...

1) "not her fault?" I disagree. She is the prime causal factor in her own life. Billions of things may have happened to her or not happened to her. She is (legally, ethically) responsible for her existence.

2) She personally represents what I hate. I think that is pretty much saying I hate her. I could say extremely dislike.. etc. I'll even give you another one: It is highly likely the world would be a better place if she suddenly ceased to exist.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Cosd said...

1) I disagree. She's a product of society. She's just living out the ill-defined "American Dream".

2) I doubt the "world would be a better place", someone else would fill the void (role).

3) If society didn't value looking "good", she wouldn't have to spend that kind of money.

4) She's just giving the people what they want: a beautiful idol to live up to. She's a people pleaser. How can you hate a people pleaser?


12:53 PM  
Blogger That which is called Darren said...

Josh, I hate her so much it is hard for me not to transfer it on to you because you are disagreeing.

1) You should know from my metaphysical stance (which I referenced in my last comment) that it doesn't matter if she is a product of society. We are all a product of society + genetics. So? And if that is what the American dream has become, the dream is a nightmare of excess.

2) You don't actually acknowledge if her leaving would be better for the world. So what if someone took her place. We still have one less waste of air. Secondly, get rid of the new one too.

3) Hahah.. bullshit. How much do you spend on your haircuts Josh? Only 4000 dollars?!? It shows. Of course, society values looking good, and when you make yourself a product it is important to sell the product and often whore one's integrity to outsell other 'brands' (i.e., Britney et al.).

4) I know you end with a smile, and maybe this is facetious. But if it is serious, it is incoherent. Obvious, I hate her. Therefore, she's not that much of a people pleaser. Secondly, isn't it written somewhere in some book about honouring false gods? Additionally, just because people want something doesn't make it good or worthwhile. The south wanted to keep their slaves, didn't they? Hey, it's what they want.

I believe she has donated some money from a single to charity, but I doubt that is enough for PETA

Hmm... (

This doesn't help things: "Jennifer Lopez stood up a charity event for orphans when she wed Marc Anthony, it was reported today." (

This is a bit interesting:

And this has amused me, what little I read:

I don't think there is more to say.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Cosd said...


Sorry… I was just playing Devil’s Advocate a little. Why?

Hate is such a strong word, and I don’t like to see someone I know and respect using it. But I read your arguments, and I read your links, and I’ve decided that you had sufficient reason for it. I was also curious to see if you actually meant “hate”, or were just exaggerating your level of annoyance.

1. I do worry that the “dream” has become a nightmare of excess – at least for some. The article you’ve linked entitled “Greed”, I believe, does a good job of addressing this theme.

2. This made me laugh.

3. You’re right. Just because other people whore their integrity doesn’t mean she has to.

4. Agreed. I wouldn’t take my argument seriously either.

Anything left to say? Yeah… I’m sorry if my comments offended you and resulted in wasting more of your valuable time digging through the dirty world J-Lo.

I guess I just wanted some negative attention from you… thanks for indulging me.

I hope TO is treating you well. :)

12:07 AM  
Blogger That which is called Darren said...

If the internet isn't a place for people to have useless debates, then what good is it?

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people in Zimbabwe who just had their homes destroyed probably think the same of you, given your apartment has a pool in it.

It's all relative. I'm willing to spend 2£ on a chocolate bar because it didn't take me a month to earn it, but that same 2£ might feed a family in west africa for 2 weeks. So it's not her fault. In her frame of reference, a $10 000 eyebrow wax isn't extravagent, and in yours, a pool in you building isn't extravagent. It's not your fault you don't know any better - you were raised that way.

10:36 AM  
Blogger That which is called Darren said...

I'm annoyed. For a change of pace, I'll leave out the nice qualifiers.

The presumptuousness of your comment is possibly only surpassed by its uselessness.

1) The people in Zimbabwe are probably thinking, “Where the fuck is my home?” and “Gee, I wish I didn’t live under a dictator.”

2) Your words “It’s all relative” are about the only intelligent content in this comment. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are either referencing (i) Einstein’s theories of special relativity or (ii) the phylogenetic tree and the human species’ interwoven ancestry.

3) If you choose to spend money on chocolate instead of starving Africans, enjoy it.

4) “It’s not her fault.” I think you are confused about the nature of responsibility in matters both theoretical or practical

5) On Earth, a 10 000 dollar eyebrow wax and a pool are extravagant. Nothing more to say.

6) “It's not your fault you don't know any better.” Once again, this is stupid, as well as incorrect.

If a friend of mine posted this it is, sadly, clear that they are not aware of my thoughts or how I lead my life. If it was someone else, they should use more caution before being presumptuous. Either way, the comment was uninformed.

Perhaps it wasn’t understood that my comment “If the internet isn't a place for people to have useless debates, then what good is it?” was meant in jest, not as a request for further commentary of little or no utility.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does it ever get tiring being such a pompous, judgemental prick?


11:17 AM  
Blogger That which is called Darren said...

1) The nature of your second comment undermines the already specious point presented in the initial comment.

2) You didn't not even remotely acknowledge the (in)validity of my comment.

3) As harsh as my response might have been, I only attacked the ideas presented not the person presenting them.

This is a message for everyone. If commenters choose to attack people as opposed to ideas then they are removing themselves from the realm of civil intellectual discourse.

Consequently, all personal future attacks shall be deleted immediately.

(for those that think I might be inconsistent, please note that in addition to attacking J.Lo's character, I supported this with evidence that, as a person, she is harmful to society (or the society I would like to see exist)).

10:05 PM  
Blogger just joe said...

Shit man, I just googled J-Lo hoping to find some ass shots for my desktop at work and ended up here. You've convinced me that her ass isn't sweet enough to outweigh the negative aspects of her exceedingly materialistic lifestyle... I'm sticking with my Jenna Jamieson pics for those keeping score. Jenny from the block my ass. Wow, I just used ass (and bad grammar) in three sentences in a row... sorry, make that four. Okay, I'm done... ass... sorry, just trying to be consistent.


1:04 AM  
Blogger Cosd said...

Wow... this thread is still going? It kind of makes me wish I hadn’t stirred things up in the first place. Sorry Darren… And PS, it was NOT I that posted anonymously (in case you were wondering).

Just goes to show how controversial a celebrity can be.... so how about that Michael Jackson?

2:04 PM  

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