Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mr. Obama goes to Ottawa

Did you feel it? Change was in the air today!
Barack Obama came to Ottawa to visit with the Prime Minister and various others. I had heard that there might be a gathering of people outside so I went to observe us apes doing what we do; I was much rewarded for my minimal efforts. (I also heard that Obama’s Aura of Hope radiates out spherically between 10 and 500 metres depending on how inspired he is, and thus I might have been able to experience the glow of change and optimism if I got close enough.)
  • The jubilant black man holding the cover page of the National Post that said “History” with Obama’s picture. A photographer took a shot of him posing with a big smile and they were both happy.
  • Numerous photographers, amateur and professional, walked around, snapping here and there, often at seemingly nothing of import.
  • Various “business” people selling Obama junk off the ground (mini-posters, cds and other superfluous things).
  • A person dressed up in a white furry animal costume with a sign that said “Hug me, don’t club me.” After reading that I obviously thought it was a seal costume; and I noticed that the costumed person and helper were from PETA. I thought about going over and asking, “How do you even know that baby seals suffer?” but I didn’t need the confrontation. Later though, when the Seal person was leaving just ahead of me, they had to be helped to cross the road because the large feet had little traction. I found it very amusing.
  • A woman holding a sign that said “I regret my abortion” with a man holding a sign saying something like “I lost out on fatherhood.” While I tried to listen in a little on someone else talking to them, I thought I didn’t need that hassle either. I couldn’t help but wonder what their point was: People shouldn’t have free choice about abortion? People should but they, personally, were misled and therefore greater caution should be urged? Abortion should be outlawed?
    I guess I should have asked. Just now, while writing this, I got a darkly amusing visual of imagining another woman holding a sign saying “I regret not getting an abortion.” Worse still, what if she brought her child with her? Annnnnnnnyway…
  • Another group holding up a large banner indicating that they want to use grassroots organizations and methods to combat the economic problems. I noticed the bottom of the banner indicated the promoters were an interfaith prayer group; I hope they plan to do more than pray for economic recovery.
  • Yet another group holding up a sign stating that Canadian companies are responsible for various misdeeds in African countries. I would have taken a pamphlet but there were only two guys holding the sign – perhaps not the most effective way to disseminate information on a topic.
  • Finally, still another banner about “Harper’s Lies” and climate change.

In conclusion, Obama visits and people are there to profit off his image, gain attention to seal clubbing, economic collapse, Canadian companies hurting Africa, something about abortion, climate change and seal clubbing. Add some helicopters on patrol and you have an interesting event.


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