Thursday, September 03, 2009

Intimacy by Jean-Paul Sartre

A mostly interesting collection of 5 short stories that follow the lives and internal thoughts of those involved in: a potential separation; tendencies of nihilism and destruction; prison and possible execution, and the flow of childhood into adulthood and attaining leadership. The writing was decent and most of the stories sufficiently interesting, engaging and descriptive. Unfortunately, the longest story (making up about half of the book) was the one I enjoyed the least, so part of reading this book became a bit of a trial.
As I appreciate books the provide detailed introspective access to their characters and also when characters meta-analyze their circumstances and thoughts about them, Intimacy was a worthwhile read. It was my first Sartre and while I believe there is a lot of unnecessary angst about certain aspects of existence (and Existentialism), I am not opposed to reading more of his work.


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