Sunday, August 22, 2004

Must see!... should see... could see? (+2)

In what could be one of the biggest innovations of our lives, a company has develped a way of turning WASTE (all kinds but nuclear) INTO OIL, among other things. This would be a new level of recycling! Also, why haven't you heard about this yet?

There is a Canadian hip-hop artist that actually has thought-provoking content (who would've thought) and he has done an amazing spoken word about racism. I think everyone should hear this, but make sure to listen to the whole thing! Kyprios rocks! The site has become less easy to navigate, but if you go to and then click on the album "say something," then click on track #14 "hate" and click on "watch the video." We need more of this stuff.

Oneway Bulletproof Glass! Isn't that wild!!! Good thing we have so many guns!

This is sickening. I'd guess he has some reasoning, but I can't imagine it being very tenable.

The Bush team has released a terrible ad mentioning 'two fewer terrorist regimes' while captilizing on the olympics. Additionally, Bush has started to exploit the success of the Iraqi soccer team. They seem to feel displeased. "How will he meet his god having slaughtered so many men and women? He has committed so many crimes." - Ahmed Manajid, Iraqi Olympic Soccer Team.

I think text is not used nearly enough in music videos. If you'd like to see how it should be done click on Weapon and The Future is X-Rated.

Why does popular science always have to mislead people. How on earth could giving the Higgs-Boson particle a religious association help anyone?,3604,1287710,00.html

On the lighter side,
I got a chance to play with one of these last week. I was delighted! Not only from a sheerly fun pov, but also as a way of visualizing how air would propagate. It is afterall how we hear things.


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