Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Ties that Snap

Last night I was shocked and disgusted as I watched excerpts from a video coming out in which homeless people perform various acts such as fighting each other, exposing each other and engaging in other demeaning activities. What kind of world do we live in!!?!?
I guess this is next in line after ‘Bumfights.’ *Ugh* The producers of the film say that this will not hurt the perception of the homeless. Honestly! Hundreds of thousands of copies of ‘Bumfights’ have been sold and the newer one is up to about 10,000. Apparently, it is not illegal to film someone fighting, nor is it to make a profit of them, yet it is illegal to do this with animals.
When I think about the person who would watch this for enjoyment I feel life is not so sacred and that our society might benefit from a culling.


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