Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My Weekend - Part I (Friday)

My weekend begins with an abrupt awakening at 5:00am to get to the Lord Nelson by 6, so I can be an hour early for my flight that leaves at 8:50. “Guh” was the best way to describe my mood. Whilst walking to the hotel, I noticed that it was a little cold out. I didn’t quite get the weather on the news but I thought I heard something about it being ‘fricken freezing’ (and something about ‘bigglesworth’ oddly). During my walk I noticed some stars I haven’t seen before, a thought that soon changed to those are probably stars I don’t usually see in that position.
Made it to the hotel fine and lucked out! A cabbie was taking some other people for the same price as the shuttle. Coolio, 70 minutes became 25. We were all amused by him getting out to fix his window/door because it had some issues. Anyway, I noticed the stars during the drive, as well as the early dawning sky increasing in that beautiful blueness of morning. Listening to the radio about Haiti and Sudan wasn’t exactly happy times, but it is important to be informed about the world.
Arrived at the airport about 6:30, really dang early for my flight, so I see if I can check in. Well, isn’t that nice, you can! I checked my two empty bags, which I brought to bring stuff back to Hali and then went to see a bench about some sleep. Turns out the bench was in, but wasn’t really communicative. Consequently, some awkward reading of Dennett and lying there exhausted ensued. Fun times!
I got some ‘hash browns’ from Burger King that was really just an excuse for me to eat massive amounts of ketchup (and made me think of the Japanese saying “fried po-ta-to”). On to the plane (yes boss, da plane) was exactly how it usually is, with me being happy with my window seat. During the acceleration before take-off I was pleased to watch water droplets travel across the window, much as they do on car windows during rain. I am fascinated by flight! It almost fascinates me more that most people don’t care at all. I love looking at the ground as it begins to move away, the clouds above or below, and whatever else I can see from my window. Humans made it so metal can fly.
The flight was decent (so tired!) and I read a bit of my Discover mag about Einstein. What a nice man. Sure he had some flaws, but truly quite an interesting existence. In 1905 he actually published 4 papers, each of which was amazing in its own rite, but it was the one on special relativity that got the most attention. No references, no citations, no math… not bad for a paper that changed the world (and it did, it is important for GPS stuff among various other things).
In Toronto, my Dad picked me up and it was good to see him. We waited for my suitcases that never came. Sigh. Out of the airport I noticed how much busier Toronto was (wow, look at all the cars) and could I have some cutlery to go with this air (bleagh!)
Fast forward to going home to see my mom (love my mom!) for 5 minutes before back out to get my health card renewed, which of course took annoyingly long. Home to sleep (my bed!) and then feel like arse for a couple hours. Called some friends to plan visitation times (like I’m in prison), watched a bit of In Living Colour and then (thanks to mom) interviews with Jay Leno (actor’s studio) and Jon Stewart (Ellen).
My friend Sara arrived, it was great to see her and even better because she helped me pack (not really, because I had no suitcases, but organized things). Then my friend Jenn arrived and it delightful to see her as well. It was amusing to watch good friends speak simultaneously and interact because I often see my friends individually. My mom was wonderful making dinner and leaving me time with my friends. They wanted to know what had been going on in ‘Dland’ so I talked about Halifax, my courses, the nice people I’ve met, the one arch nemesis (just seeing if you’re paying attention), and any other thoughts in my head. It is good to have the ear/feedback of those who know you and love you when you discuss life goals, ‘metaphysical/existential angst,’ or even just being silly. (There were cookies!) I drove my friend Jenn home and then had a discussion about politics for nearly an hour at midnight with my mom. No disagreements, just talking about what we’ve ‘heard’ lately or thoughts about November. A good night. It ended with me reading “Far Side” cartoons until I went to sleep. What a wonderful take on the world. Moat, bozone, inconvenience all made me laugh. I hope everyone else had a good night as well.


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