Friday, November 12, 2004

The Incredibles

I saw The Incredibles yesterday, and I thought it was fantastic! (I’ll try not to give anything away). The characters were well developed, the graphics were phenomenal and the story was great. Admittedly, I think I was expecting something funnier because Nemo was hilarious, but felt a good build up throughout. It is best to think of it as a superhero action movie first and enjoy the comedy/drama aspects as delicious icing. Of course, the plot was relatively predictable which was likely for two reasons: it was aimed at a younger audience and it was a traditional superhero movie. I also thought there were good role models aside from some initial stereotyping. It was definitely a good movie for people with children seeking a movie for the whole family. If any one cares about voices, the lead was Craig T. Nelson (which I only got from the credits), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl) and Jason Lee (bad guy). I know I find it frustrating to ‘know’ a voice but not be able to name its owner.

After watching The Incredibles, I couldn’t help but utter in a wistful manner the phrase “I want powers” (pout included). This wasn’t so much a new development, as a reminder of my previous fantasies. Come on! It’d be SO cool! I was gleeful during the scenes where there were more superpowers on display. Yes, yes, see it as childish whimsy, but it would be ineffably wonderful to have superpowers… if you don’t agree with me, I will fight you! :P Just think of how many people I could help. Some of you may know that I have a slight interest in Superman (insert eye roll here), and seeing The Incredibles just made me drift into unreality. Although I could go on, I should probably stop before this ‘degrades’ into some fanboy analysis of which even I would make fun.

Additionally, even though the words “feature presentation” came on the screen, the first thing was actually an advertisement for another animated film “Cars”. Phhhh! Not cool. After that, was a delightful short which had a great positive message embedded in amusing animations and entertaining lyrics. I think it is a good message for kids as well as adults. (Sceptical Darren wonders if it was a sort of positive priming to put you in a good mood before the movie so your overall experience would be better… meh. Oh, he also wondered about a scene in the ad for “Cars” that is very similar to part of the movie… commercial activation within an otherwise ‘mind control free’ movie?).


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