Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reality has not set in...

George W. Bush was re-elected today. The provisional votes will not be enough to surpass the margin by which Bush was leading in Ohio.
I have had fears that the American people would be lead astray by specious agrumentation, scare tactics and negative campainging. My fears were offset by my hope: that people would actually think. They would think about the issues, the facts, and the style of how these two men were trying to convince the masses of their worth. I hoped that they would have seen through the facade and seen the utter obviousness of the Bush's lies and manipulations.

I was wrong. It hurts. It does not hurt because I was wrong, but what it signifies. Today we witness the validation of ignorance, deception, and power over justice. The result of this election is in direct opposition to how I think the world should be, how I want people to be, and what I plan to do with my life.

Whilst I know this is cause to fight harder, there will currently be some personal fallout. I hoped for better from the Americans. Naive? Not entirely, but perhaps a little. The only solace I can take is the thought that if most Americans truly understood the issues and the facts of what is happening in their own country and in the world as a result of its actions, they would have chosen differently.

If not... well, then... they are hopeless.


Blogger That which is called Darren said...

Hey Joe,
Thanks for the post. I felt your words, though I knew of some of them, were informative and depressing. I managed to catch Klien on CBC's Radio one about a week ago giving a lecture in... Newfoundland? (damn these Eastern provinces all seeming the same :P).
Anyway, as you mentioned, she was discussing the nature of the US occupation in Iraq and mentioned how the US got some of the corporations to come on over.
The UN, when they ratified the US invasion, stuck in a provision basically saying that the US couldn't 'sell off' Iraq, so no corporation wanted to join because a future elected Iraqi government could just appropriate whatever the corporation has. But... an interim goverment would allow corporations to come in and not get screwed by future elections (whenever those will be).
Street signs brought to you by a credit card? Crap! Soon it will be a 1 cent charge to have a street sign light up for you.
"Getting lost? Priceless. For everything else, there's MC."
That's almost as bad as patenting the rain water.

5:40 AM  

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