Saturday, November 13, 2004

Your life probably isn't that bad...

I was just watching the news and heard of Marc Woerlen; a man whose his pregnant wife, Monika, and their seven children died in a southern Ontario farmhouse fire Monday night. I truly cannot imagine what this would be like. Picture yourself going away to set up a new place to live and then hearing that your entire family has died. (When I do I end up tearing.)

(After taking all that in)
Upon reading another story, it was reinforced how important faith was in the Woerlen's lives. My first thought was that maybe belief based on conditioning is not that bad. A second thought was that I was shocked that a fellow (female) believer, describing their sect, said, "We don't want to be equal to men." Hmmm...

Nothing is ever simple. I applaud people who see their lives as opportunities to help others, those that support their communities and families... but not so much the inequality thing. More important, I take issue with conditioning girls to believe that they are not equal to men to the point they will not even seek equality. Of course, I have not done research on this sect, nor do I have all the information. It is better to see it as an "If, Then." Dang continua.


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