Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I have joke

I just thought I'd tell you about what has been making me laugh my ass off recently. (Seriously, I have no ass, sitting is getting to be a pain in the...)

Sacha Baron Cohen is a British comedian known for his character Ali G. Generally, he plays a stupid person immersed in the hip-hop culture and by asking people stupid or crass questions, he invariably makes them look stupid. Yet, he can get interviews with high profile guests or even visit the UN. He is absolutely huge in Britain, but only recently gaining notoriety here. When I found out it was an act, I had much more respect for the guy. He also does another character named Borat, who is supposed to be someone from Kazakhstan. Much of his humour is stupid funny, sexual (implicit and explicit) or insulting. That being said, some of it is freakin' hilarious! Additionally, a friend has been doing the Borat impersonation whenever we meet. That makes a greater positive association to something I was already amused by. Then I start impersonating it and those who understand catch phrases or inside jokes between friends know that now it will always be funny, even if eventually it sort of isn't.
Consequently, some of you may like this link, and some will not. Because they are sound files they are probably better once you have seen a full skit. All that being said, when it loads, go to "chair joke" on the right, second from the top. Apparently, this is the funniest thing in the world to me right now. (I'm laughing out loud while I type this because I just clicked on it). Ah... stupid funny.

Ps: I owe my thanks to Chris for the link + impression and Sam for the some exposure.


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