Friday, November 26, 2004

Blown Away

Late last night I had the delightful experience of going on a ten-minute walk around my building. The delight was caused by a wonderful wind that was whirling wildly. I love the feeling of wind rushing against my body. I happily found a decent wind tunnel in which I had to actually incline myself to from being knocked back. I was gleeful! :)

The other high points of my excursion was coming upon a dingy apartment building parking lot. At first glance it was nothing special, some broad puddles, an outside light or two, the darkened brick of the building and a shadow inducing tree. But then, the wind came. Looking at the puddles, it was as if a two-dimensional galaxy of stars exploded. The ripples across the surface look liked particulate illuminating orbs rushing away from an impact, themselves likely cause a chain reaction in a nearby galaxy. These events of nature also appeared to be a sun moving across the sky or a bioluminescent sea creature swimming near the surface. I just stood and watched. The excitement would ebb and flow. At one point, calmness existed. Soon, I heard the powerful wind behind me in the distance. I turned to see a leafless tree’s branches flailing from the assaulting air and thought it is only a matter of time. Fifteen seconds later, wind met shallow water, galaxies sparked and the universe exploded.

There is beauty all around, you just have to not look for it.


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