Saturday, January 01, 2005

Sadness (and hope?)

The disheartening tragedy of the recent earthquake and tsunami has caused a devastating loss of lives. Fortunately, it has also yielded a great amount of kindness, with international aid already at a couple billions – Japan donating 500 million. As well, most people I know have done something to help those who can still be helped. The current death toll of this natural catastrophe is about 130,000. That so many people could die in such a short time is both shocking and sickening.

There is context though, as always. About 25,000 people die each day from hunger. No food… dead. The aforementioned disaster happened about a week ago. Simple math indicates that 150,000 people die each week from starvation.

Imagine reading about an earthquake each and every week!
Imagine is the wrong word. Comprehend is better.
This is happening, this is real.

There is a big difference though. Natural disasters cannot be stopped; they can only be prepared for (if a warning occurs). Alternatively, starving people can be helped; they just need some food.
You don't ever waste any of yours, do you?


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