Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Not the only route to Bliss

Good God! What has happened to rational thought in America? Not that there was that much to being with, but this takes the proverbial cake. I've often been disdainful of postmodernistic theory and moral relativism, not only because it is illogical, but also because its practitioner's lives are necessarily inconsistent with their theories. "Words don't mean anything, now let's talk about that."

The notion of removing 'facts' from the intellectual world is so asinine, so obviously crippling, that its very existence seems to imply that it has already happened. What's next, the courtroom? Then again, considering how litigious the States is, it wouldn't be surprising to remove the little evidence they currently utilize and make all judicious decisions based on sophistic discourse.

I will admit that I could understand how such a bill might be useful in specific situations, but if something is wrong, it is wrong. I don't necessarily mean Wrong, I just mean not in accordance with current total acquired knowledge of the world. It would seem that the empiricism that everyone lives and breathes has lost its rational partner; the result is intellectual detritus that threatens the sanctity of the human rights that have emerged from humanity's quest for knowledge, as well as the quest itself.

Apparently, some Americans have a goal of intensifying their already existent autocatalytic cycle of ignorance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know what bill you're talking about but you're porobably right to criticize the American Gov.(that's my bias). As for your distain for "postmodernistic" thought, i dare you tell me who you've read first-hand and not just the opinions of dennet and dawkins. do words mean anything? well if you want meaning you cannot do without words/language/writing. after all what is "reason" other than a concept in language, in a history of language and ideas? you can't put reason under a microscope and even if you could then you'd have to "say" "something" "about" "it".

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adventure, excitement, the genii crave not these things.

3:27 PM  

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