Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oh Bucky...

The following is an excerpt (quoted when possible) by Lee Smolin, in Curious Minds, speaking about an event in his childhood.

"Buckminster Fuller, the great visionary architect and inventor of the geodesic dome, who was then in his seventies, would be speaking at a downtown conference." My father suggested I ask Buckminster Fuller to speak at my high school. He actually said yes! "We picked Fuller up and on the drive to the school he showed us that he wore three watches, one set for the time zone he was in yesterday, one for the current day, and one for the time zone he would be in tomorrow. After he was introduced to the assembled high school, Fuller went backstage, got a folding chair, placed it downstage center, put a microphone in each breast pocket, took out his hearing aids, sat down, closed his eyes, and spoke for seven hours."

The absurdity of that presentation made me laugh out loud.


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