Friday, March 11, 2005

Space/time brain processing

This is a little article my mom sent me from the Toronto Star.

Preposition Proposition
The preposition “at,” like many others of its grammatical ilk, can mean different things in different sentences. “I will meet you at the store” has a spatial context, while “I will meet you at 7 p.m.” has a temporal one. Scientists have now discovered that the same word is processed in different parts of the brain to take into account these contextual differences. Scientists tested victims of brain injury and discovered that some could understand a preposition in one context but not the other.

Cool. If you are a materialist, this would actually be entirely consistent with your world view. Yet, it is easy to forget the implications at every level. I can't help but be amused by "Scientists..." Like they are some sneaky bunch of people doing experiments in unknown locations.
Lastly, if you imagine being exposed to this sort of thing numerous times in numerous areas, the materialistic world view makes more and more sense.


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