Monday, July 25, 2005

Variety: the spice of life

I've encountered some interesting things lately, please click away.

News/politics from Common Dreams
I should be reading more articles like this or this.
It would be interesting if he was still alive.

a) Bush's hidden speech writer?
b) Weird Al takes on Eminem. (at least two good slams)
c) This did make me smile.

a) Electrons move at quintillionths of a second. For comparison, read a bit of the abstract. (measuring the movement of a cloud of probability seems a bit odd, but seems to be possible)
b) Why doesn't the world go black when you blink?
c) Your kitty may be cute, but isn't sweet?

New Matthew Good. I'm satisfied. Click "Oh Be Joyful," on the left. For Matt's response to critics of his video (I was one) just read the entry that comes up. ("You've got to be kidding...")


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