Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oddest thing...

...happened to me on the way to school on Friday morning. I was walking with two other friends, both to my right, when a guy and girl passed me on my left. She was adjacent to me as she passed. At about four steps distance between us, she spoke and kept talking while turning her head to me as she passed. She actually said, "K, you're hot. Are you gay? Can I f*ck you?"

Justifiably confused and with little time to thoroughly examine her face, I couldn't ascertain her motivation/cognitive state. She didn't look like she was fully joking, but didn't seem entirely serious. Possibly, she was under the influence of various substances.

Regardles, "Whaaaa?"

(My joke was, "Well, at least she was direct. She gave positive reinforcement, inquired as to my sexual orientation, and regardless of the answer, expressed the desire for intimacy."
Obviously, I was 7 minutes late for class.)


Blogger Xander said...

The same sort of thing happend to me in when I was living in Shinjuku. I couldn't sleep so I went for a late night stroll. Although the girl was obviously drunk, I still took it as a compliment. 7 minutes, what is that? A no frills intimate encounter or the time it takes to wack off in the bathroom.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She didn't look like she was fully joking, but didn't seem entirely serious."

My thoughts on the subject:

She was joking when she said "K, you're hot," and "Can I f*ck you?"

She was serious when she said, "Are you gay?"

Side note: I have seen your nipples. They are neat.

12:45 AM  

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