Friday, January 06, 2006

America the Real?

"If you ever want to know what America really looks like – and I direct this chiefly toward the residents of the coastal cities who tend to write about America most frequently – I would suggest you abandon the airports. The only people in airports are rich people. Take a bus from Sioux City to Kansas City, via Omaha and Maryville. Here is where America lives, more often than not overweight, beset by children, fast-food fed, television-dulled, strongly perfumed, running low on options and telling their stories to whomever will listen, hatching schemes, self-dramatizing, preaching doomed sermons, dreaming of being other people in other lives."
- Steve Almond, CandyFreak
(I feel I should mention that the above passage is atypical)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's true. It's called capitalism.

3:20 PM  

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