Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chomsky's 9-11

9-11 is a collection of interviews "conducted with Noam Chomsky by a variety of interviewers during the first month following the attacks" of 9-11. As the book is informative, short (~120pages) and cheap, I suggest you go read it or buy it. If you seek greater detail I would recommend Hegemony or Surivival, but 9-11 is useful precisely because it has similar information and is less intimidating in both depth and bredth. It is critical to be exposed to other viewpoints or sources of information, especially when other parts of the world hold them as true. As Chomksy said, writing to the editior during the process, "These facts have been completely removed from history. One has to practically scream them from the rooftops."
(for all the picky people, obviously the facts were not 'completely' removed or he couldn't discuss it, but he means in terms of popular knowledge of what has historically occurred.As well, there are much better ways to transmit information than from rooftops)


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