Monday, July 24, 2006

Death Poll

Would you rather die from starvation/malnutrition or from being shot/bombed?
(I usually think many hypothetical questions like these are not useful, but I think this one is. Please post your answer in the comments section.)


Blogger Xander said...

Starvation or shot for me. Shot needs more detail. I think shot through the brain would be the best way to go. Quick and absolutely painless. If you are shot in the gut on the other hand lots of nasty, painful, festering unpleasant stuff going on that will eventually kill you. Malnutrition takes a long time and is absolute misery. It is probably on the bottom of my list. Starvation is number 2 because after the hunger panges subside I hear you enter a semi-euphoric state and die rather painlessly. Being bombed is just not a pleasant experience. Ironically, certain forms of death get bad reputations by the unpleasantness experienced by the people watching or the murderers.
So I am going to make two lists.
Best way to die:
1. Shot in the head
2. Starvation
3. Bombing
4. Malnutrition

Best way to kill:
1. Bombing (Just push the button and forget)
2. Starvation (No soup for you)
3. Malnutrition (But here is some coca-cola)
4. Shot in the head. (You have to look them in the eye and really messy clean up)

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are seventeen ways to eat a mango!

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I think I can just agree with Xander, as he seems to have thought more about this than me. I may move bombing up the list though--it seems that there might be less humiliation and hurt for loved ones if I died as a result of an attack (shot or bombed), rather than starvation or malnutrition. They could know my death was somewhat quick and perhaps painless, as opposed to long and miserable.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous josh said...

no matter what the way is,people who live in iraq,africa or somewhere else we don't know have no choice.
İ'll change the question:
Would you rather help those people or keep having fun as if nothing is happening?"

11:30 AM  

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