Thursday, January 04, 2007

Celluloid Distraction

Over the holidays I finally had some time (and inclination) to catch up on movies that I didn't see in theatres. As most were borrowed, taped or only cost $2.50, I found the expense worthwhile. Keep in mind I avoid previews so I usually only know the genre of the film I'm going to see.
My basic reviews - Go/No go:

Clerks 2 -Terrible. Kevin, wtf? No go.
MI: III - Good fluff. Tom's a twit but on screen he succeeds. Go.
Lucky Number Sleven - I quite enjoyed this one. Go.
The Black Dahlia - Ugh. What a mess (plot wise). No Go.
Little Miss Sunshine - Good little flick. Child beauty pageants are disgusting! Go.
12 Angry Men (1957 version) - Now here is a character driven movie. Go.
A Christmas Story - You know what it is. Go.
16 Blocks - Suspenseful and entertaining. Go.
The Protector (sequel to Ang Bak) - Terrible plot but amazing moves. Go.
V for Vendetta - V for very well done. Action AND ideas? Go.
SuperSizeMe - Better than I expected. Go.


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