Monday, March 30, 2009

Watchmen by Alan Moore (writer), Dave Gibbons (artist), and John Higgins (colourist)

A fascinating exploration of how crime-fighters and vigilantes might act in a more realistic world, filled with dark motives, the silliness of wearing a costume, confused personalities, a lack of superpowers and even indifference to the concerns of many. I appreciated the exploration of complex characters in such a world (more like ours than other ‘universes’) and the engaging plot line which offers much depth.

Personally, I found the parts about Dr. Manhattan to be the most interesting as they dealt with the topic of how might omniscience and omnipresence work? Dr. Manhattan is supposedly all-powerful, but he cannot change future events. It is as if he is witnessing his own fate and everyone else’s as he experiences it at that particular time.

I don’t want to reveal anything more, but I do recommend this for fans of the superhero genre who want a different take from the mainstream. For those that don’t like graphic novels, then you probably won’t like this one.

I look forward to the movie to see how they adapted it, and where the visuals look far more impressive and engaging.


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