Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Climate Change on the Brain

As I recently finished and wrote a review of The Weather Makers and I went to a climate change/injustice event last night and I'm presenting the issue on the podcast on Thursday, I've obviously had climate change on (in? around? my mind. I was going to post some thoughts on the issue in the book review below, but I thought it would make more sense in a seperate post. Here is a variation of what I will likely conclude in the podcast segment:
Climate change is happening, it will cause enormous problems and increase human suffering. Further, it is the developed nations that mainly created the problem so it isn’t fair to blame developing countries, with a much lower per capita emission rate as a large source of the problem.
Recommendations: Learn more about the issue, try to reduce your emissions but mainly put political pressure on our representatives to commit to larger reductions. Canada has failed miserably over the past decade or two at living up to the obligations we said we would in the Kyoto protocol. There is a follow up agreement being decided in Copenhagen in December that will be a crucial factor regarding how we will act regarding climate change. Finally, don’t let future opinion pieces confuse you; there is a huge problem, the developed nations are largely responsible and therefore we must do the most to fix things.


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