Wednesday, April 01, 2009

International dismay as Karzai backs law ravaging women's rights

A Globe and Mail piece discusses an Afghan law that would dramatically limits the rights of women and appears to have the support of Harmid Karzai.
The sub-heading is: "Law would legalize rape within marriage, UN says, putting damper on summit hopes and outraging ministers."
Well, that's just disgusting. Further down, the article accurately states that, "Spousal sexual assault is an offence in most parts of the Western world..." But the rest of the sentence is "... and became a crime in Canada in 1983."
So, Canada only outlawed marital rape 26 years ago? After reading that, my whole perspective changed. I think the whole thing notion of marital rape is terrible, but considering how long it took for us to come to our senses, just how much indignation should we be displaying?


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