Monday, March 15, 2010

Like Shaking Hands With God (with Kurt Vonnegut and Lee Stringer)

This slim volume is the transcript of a conversation in a book store that took place in 1998 between Vonnegut and Stringer, with Ross Klavan as moderator.
The two highlights are below.
1) Klavan makes a general comment while asking a question: Reading both you guys – and it is also true talking to you – I feel smarter, as opposed to say, to reading the newspaper, which can make any of us feel stupid and helpless.
2)Vonnegut responds to a question of what he considers important: I was always interested in good citizenship. It was just what I learned in junior civics class in school in Indianapolis, how important it is to be a good citizen. Part of that would be, with me, that I would go to war, right or wrong. I would have gone to Vietnam, knowing how wrong it was.
(I found this very surprising because I considered him to be far more subversive and a likely conscientious objector)


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