Saturday, August 28, 2004

Good enough for the Brits....

The US has been all too happy to mention Britain joining them in their 'Collalition of the Deluded,'but I wonder how much will be made of the fallout in Britain concerning Blair's actions in the US media. Hmmm... haven't heard anything on the news networks yet.

"To dust off Victorian constitutional histories and examine precedents from the time of Charles I and Chaucer may seem bizarre. But the conduct of the prime minister has left people and parliament with no alternative if we are to preserve the very basis of democracy." - Adam Price, MP (seeking impeachment of Tony Blair)

Oh, and an Iraqi police chief is willing to temporarily kidnap journalists at gunpoint. Sounds bad, but he says it is because "You are brought here because I want to tell you that you never publish the truth." (of course, I cannot help but be amused at the paradox now created. If they never publish the truth, then the story is false. If the story is true, then his words are false. Well, enough philosophical musings, I think you get the point)


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